Elf Boxes – The future of moving boxes

Elf Boxes – The future of moving boxes

What started as a commercial product in warehouses, then found it’s way into the commercial moving market, is now offering residential consumers an easier, greener alternative to cardboard moving boxes. Whether they’re called boxes, bins or totes, the stack-able  nest-able and hinged industrial plastic boxes have been a common site in warehouses for decades. Because they can be used up to 400 times, these warehouse favorites became a go-to choice for commercial movers. They require no assembly or tape, saving their customers time and aggravation. Although the price to purchase these boxes is high, they can be used so many times so the cost per use is much less than cardboard and allowed smart movers to underbid their competitors prices on very large office moves.

The boxes offer other advantages which make them attractive to customers and movers alike. The boxes are rigid and hold their shape. It won’t matter if the customer places her wineglasses on the bottom box and her kettlebells on top box. Reducing breakage keeps customers happy and reduces the amount of money that movers have to pay to replace items that are broken in transit. The uniform size makes it easier to load them in a truck and use all available space efficiently.

Recently, a large Canadian company named FrogBox began offering franchises across Canada and in a few border U.S. cities that rent these boxes directly to customers. Some people have opted not to wait for the franchises to be available in their city and have started offering these boxes as independent operators. “I thought about buying a franchise, but ultimately I decided that I would rather be a pirate than join the navy” said Peter L. Sanchez of West Palm Beach, Florida who started Elf Boxes with his two sons. He is opening a second location in Washington DC.

Because these box rental companies don’t do moves themselves, many of them partner with trusted moving companies and refer customers to each other. “We take care of cleaning, storing and delivering the boxes, which makes life easier on the movers, especially in the off-season. And renting from us offers tax advantages to the movers. If they own the boxes, they would have to amortize the cost of the boxes over a 20 year depreciation, but renting from us allows them to treat it as an expense and deduct 100% of the cost of rental on their taxes every year.” Sanchez said.

As these boxes gain popularity, they will become available in every major metro area. Here are just a few that are currently operating in major U.S. and Canadian markets.

Elf Boxes Plastic Moving Boxes in Florida and Washington DC

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Peter Sanchez owned and operated a successful construction company in NYC. He now lives in West Palm Beach Florida and started Elf Boxes with his two sons.