How to move without causing Stress to your Kids

How to move home without causing young children any stress

Moving is stressful for people of all ages. But if you have children, they might not be able to understand why they are moving home. A child might feel powerless because they aren’t in control of this life changing situation. The house or flat which they live in at the moment might be their first home and they are very sentimental about it.

There are many ways in which you can make moving home as stress free as possible for children:

Redecorate their room
Although a kid’s room can be redecorated as a surprise, they could be asked about what they want before moving in. Your child might prefer their walls to be decorated in a particular color or have their bed and personal possessions in a certain place. Before moving, you could take them to where they’ll be living and ask them about what they think their room should be like. A child’s room should be exactly how they want it and, by asking for their input, they will soon start to settle in.

Help them clear out their old room
If every item which a child owns is taken to their new home, this can be very unsettling. This is because it might remind them of where they used to live. Your child can be present when sorting through their personal possessions where they are asked if they want to keep them. It could even be made into a game.

After your child has decided on the items which won’t be taken to their new home, they could be sold at a car boot sale. Any money that is raised after selling toys, books and computer games could be given to them. This provides further incentives because they will be given extra pocket money for clearing their room. It also helps to distract them if they are upset. This is because their mind will be on getting rid of items which they don’t need any more and not on the fact that they are moving home.

Further their musical creativity
Learning how to play the piano is a lot of fun for children. If there is a piano where you currently live and your child likes to play it, it should be taken to your new home by a professional moving company. The company that is hired to move personal possessions could also be capable of transporting a piano. A comprehensive list of piano movers can be tracked down by searching online. They can also be found by asking the person who teaches your child piano. This is because they might know of several removal companies who can safely transport a piano to your new home. As your child will be able to continue playing the piano, they can do so without thinking about where they are playing it from now on.

Give them light boxes to put into a van
Children like to help their parents because they feel as though they’re involved. The same also applies when moving home. You could give them several lightly packed boxes which can be lifted into a car and then taken to your new home. Children get immense pleasure from helping out their family and, by involving them as much as possible, they will feel part of a house move.

Although moving out can be incredibly stressful for children, the aforementioned advice can lessen any distress. They could even enjoy moving to their new home as a result.

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