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Rule Changes in Hours of Service Affecting You?

Rule Changes in Hours of Service Affecting You?

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has rejected the request made by the American Trucking Association for delaying the implementation of the new hours-of-service rules. The unique thing is that the ATA along with a number of groups has already filed challenges to the changes in the hours of service, and it is pending in the court. In its recent request, the ATA asked the FMCSA to delay the new rules until 3 months from the current schedule of July 1.

According to ATA, the delay was legible, as it would prevent any unwanted and redundant training if the court ruling would change the FMCSA’s rules. In addition, 3 months of delay wouldn’t have affected highway safety with any big impact.

On the other hand, FMCSA claims that there is not much weight in ATA’s reasoning with regard to delaying the compliance. The agency further added that the court’s ruling wouldn’t harm the trucking industry or the agency in any way.

The central part of the challenge to the changes in the hours-of-service regulations is to allow usage of 34-hour resumption for including time off from 1 to 5 am for 2 consecutive days. This also requires drivers to be given a break of half an hour after driving for 8 hours.

According to the Chief Counsel of FMCSA, the agency is not ready to take away a number of months out of the safety benefits given to the public. Therefore, it is ensuring that the new changes in the rules are implemented on a timely basis. The ATA and other groups would have to comply with the new changes and wait until the court gives its rulings with regard to the challenge raised. However, any alteration in the court’s ruling could mean that ATA would have to again make changes to their operating rules and training.