Relief from the Summer

Getting Relief from the Summer (Part 2)

Getting Relief from the Summer (Part 2)

IAM members that depend on summer help could find certain travel visas that could create limitations for the moving and storage industry. Currently, most of those working in the industry use H-2B or J-1 visas. The industry is now working along with stakeholders from other industries for getting the most precise information about travel visas and the changes that could affect the moving and storage industry.

Broadly, the existing immigration bill would be changing the types and number of visas offered to short-term staff and visitors. The bill would enforce more application charges for participating IAM members.

Mandate of E-Verify for IAM Members

The busy season would benefit from the immigration reform, as E-Verify would become mandatory for all the employers. Bigger companies would be implementing this program before their smaller counterparts. However, the bill draft indicates that the entire moving and storage industry would be affected. A timeline has already been drafted for the implementation of the legislation. Companies having over 5,000 staff would fully implement the regulations in 2 years. Those having over 500 staff would have to fully adhere in 3 years. Four years has been fixed as the maximum possible number of years for implementation over all the companies.

Steady Unified Carrier Registration Fees

According to the Unified Carrier Registration Board (UCRB), there is not going to be any change in the fees and the fee brackets until 2014. This is going to be beneficial for the industry beyond the summer season. The board claims that the UCR fees is kept the same because sufficient information is not available to indicate any need for change.

Federal Deficit

The Treasury Department has surprised many by announcing that it is planning to pay debt during Q2 2013. This means that the federal government has been able to predict a net debt repayment during the quarter, and this is going to happen for the first time in 6 years.