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Save Time (and Hassle!) by Registering through CleanFleets

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) recently implement some changes of which can help to relieve Household Good (HHG) tractor-trailers who either enter, or work within the state of California. When enacted, HHG trucks will be able to avoid Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF’s) which are required in order to travel in California, after January 1st, 2014.

Operators can receive an extension through June 2014, if they file for a “good faith effort”. However, by the end of 2013, operators must register with CARB as well as provide detailed information based upon a plan of “low use” status, if they want their exemption through 2020. Additional exemptions may apply if the HHG truck (or any diesel truck weighing 26,000 lbs. GVWR) is CARB-registered and reports regularly their California mileage, as the annual mileage limits are going to be upwards of 5,000 miles beginning January 1st, 2014. It is of interest to not that interstate, as well as California-based vehicles will be exempt under this new mileage limit, and they can register by way of *, where drivers will also be capable of monitoring their miles.

While the vast majority of HHG tractor-trailers that have an model-year engine of 1996-2006, have their deadline for DPF set at January 1st, 2014, CARB is allotting an extension of six months, providing you can meet at least one of the following requirements:


  • Have already ordered a DPF
  • Have ordered a replacement truck
  • Applied for a grant
  • Applied for a loan


While reporting to CARB is mandatory for fleets, starting in January 2014, is then able to buy drivers up to a six month extension. Thus allowing them to operate their vehicles until at least July 1st, 2014, when at that point the replacement truck or DPF must be ready.

It is very important to note that only drivers who register have access to these benefits and extensions that are being offered. And only vehicles who are operating legally (under the annual mileage limit or GFE providing all documentation is obtained) will be dispatched out.


* is a fee-based CARB registration service which helps register and assist trucks via CARB. Additionally, the information in this article has not been finalized by CARB, and is made available only through at point of this publication.