National Moving Rates

National Moving Rates

It is interesting when you look at the statistics for the moving industry as a whole across America. It highlights the areas of high movement and just some of the reasons that people choose to move.

In the last year, 2013, the movement of people across America dropped in comparison to previous years. This could be an indication that the economy is still feeling the pressure of the last few years, with less money to move to a bigger property or relocating for work related reasons.

What this shows the moving industry is the challenges that they face for the year ahead.  Knowing the statistics can help judge if a development of a business is going to profit. If, for instance, your business is in the Northeast then knowing that this area has the lowest moving rate of the US, could indicate that the current time might not be the time to increase business costs because the likelihood of making returns on this investment is unlikely.

Having a family orientated business is going to be important if you look at the statistics with the amount of families that move with young children. It is around 20% of families with children under age six who make up a large proportion of movers.  Catering for these families and the difficulties that they will face and how you can help accommodate their needs, is going to help you build a great business for the future needs of your customers.

Understanding the demographics of people who move will help your business cater to their needs.  People move for all different reasons and making the transition easier for them as individuals is going to set you apart from your competitors. Your customers are going through a stressful time with moving and the easier you can make it for them, is going to pay dividends for the personal recommendations that you receive.