The Improvement Of Military Moves

The Improvement Of Military Moves

It is important to remember that as each year passes so, too, does the technology advancement in many areas. This improvement allowed the TOPS system in the military movement area for family and equipment to move to a new and exciting system called DP3 or Defense Personal Property Program.

The DP3 came into operation in 2009; this system allows all the movements of personnel on just one system. This means that there is less paperwork to file, it is an on-line process and this includes paying the contractor.

What is an important aspect that came about from the move to the new system, was not looking for the cheapest quotes on all jobs but recognizing the quality and the ability to outperform. It gives the moving businesses, which are close to a military base, an opportunity to provide a service. This has the potential as a long-term opportunity for any moving business. It is no longer a one-quote one-job policy; if you can offer value for money and a fantastic service, the likelihood of further work is more probable.

This is great news for business owners with the ability to provide jobs to the local economy and supporting the wider moving business as a whole. It is important that the military looks after those people who need to move because of the job, but also finding good contractors, who are not only good at their jobs, but who go that extra mile to ensure their service is the best value, not necessarily the cheapest.

The system’s improvements over the years has enabled a military department that is able to communicate with the businesses what it needs to ensure the personnel and their belongings are at the destination, with minimal fuss and disruption.