Students Working Legally

Students Working Legally

The IAM and the AMSA are both looking to ensure that the J-1 Visa program that allows students from all over the world, the opportunity to work for a set period, normally in the busy summer months. The industry needs the influx of casual workers to take them through to the busier months.

What is vital is that they are legally able to participate in these schemes and are covering against exploitation by paying their wages, which can legally go through the company accounts.

This type of employment is important as it can allow many people to experience working life in the moving industry, communicating with individuals that give a clear picture of life in America.

The ability to offer temporary Visas to individuals is a great opportunity because they are more than willing to work for a basic wage, often more than they would receive in some of the poor parts of the world.  Participating also allows students the opportunity to travel and work in different areas around the world.

The moving business is a large industry that during certain months of the year can see an influx in household goods that require relocation. Often the short summer contracts are not suitable for those people looking for a permanent position, which makes them ideal for the students that are looking to work under the J-1 Visa, giving them money and experience in the moving business. The student workers are an important part of the industry and provide a service to many businesses that need to employ temporary seasonal workers, to cover the periods where there is an increase in household goods being relocated to new homes.

Therefore, it is important that the IAM and the AMSA secure the structure of the visas for this type of work. The moving businesses across the country can and will benefit from being included in this program.