Moving Month Success

Moving Month Success

National moving month in May was a huge success by going live on the internet. The aim of the campaign was to highlight the importance of finding the right moving company which complies with all the current regulations.

Some of the material found on the website highlighted the importance of consumers recognizing the signs of a company that is not working legitimately. Protecting consumers from fraud is an important part of educating the public in choosing the right company.

This project has moved forward with the help of the ProMover, through their sponsorship of different ways to allow potential moving customers the knowledge and understanding to ensure a smooth and uneventful experience.

The website has been a success with many views during and after the campaign. The campaign is not stopping; it is a yearlong program of activity and AMSA is looking to help with different events during the course of the year.

Agencies have offered their support through providing information, supporting and visiting the news conference.  These agencies want to be there for the consumer as well as the business communities, including the Better Business Bureau, Texas Department of Motor Vehicles and Southwest Movers Association.

The response to the advert campaign on the internet was a huge success with more than 70,000 visitors to the site during the campaign. The site has not stopped with the end of the campaign as articles on tips for moving and other important information remain to keep businesses and consumers informed.

Keeping information viable and up to date is important, and while this is an annual event the message that it gives to the consumers and moving businesses is one that needs to be heard on a daily basis. There are ways to protect you as a consumer and business and using the current information is vital if you are to protect yourself by using companies that have committed to associations like ProMover and the AMSA.