State Associations Providing Support and Success (Part II)

State Associations Providing Support and Success (Part II)

In the first part of this two-part article series we looked at the roles state associations played in the success of the moving industries located in Illinois as well as California. In continuance of this series we will be taking a look at how Alaska’s close connection with their state associations are in turn leading to the continued success of the moving companies within the state as well.

The largest state in our nation, also boasts the lowest population rate with one person per square mile. However, it is the geographical issue of the state itself, and not lack of people which leads to the largest issue in regards to moving.  Without a good road system, movers must rely on varying sources other than truck and trailer like planes, boats, and trains to name a few.

Another huge drawback within the confines of the state are the added difficulties with the harsh weather. With temperatures plummeting well into sub-zero categories and staying there for weeks on end, you find an increase in vehicle maintenance. In addition, there is the careful planning of a move around those freezing temperatures. Work must be fast an efficient to ensure the safety of the movers, as well as the care of the items being transferred. In regards to Alaskan weather and planning a move, preparation and careful consideration are the necessary keys.

While the cost to import cardboard and packing materials into the state can prove pricey, Alaska never really saw much of a recession either. And while there may be over 300 moving companies in Illinois, they are all designated to their particular areas… In Alaska, any of the 12 moving companies in existence can service the entire state. Not bad for the largest state in our nation!

It seems that though problems will inevitably always arise in the moving industry, with careful planning, support, and preparation, nothing is too tough to handle in any given situation!