City Population Growth

City Population Growth

In the moving business knowing the trend of where people are heading is important.  It allows moving businesses to judge and pinpoint new areas of potential growth, which is especially important for any moving business if they are looking to expand.

It is interesting to see, while New York still has the biggest pull in drawing in new residents to the area, other areas have witnessed a population growth.

The place to head to is Austin, Texas, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, with the main cities that surround this area have seen a population increase in 2013.  The cities drawing in the population are San Marcos, Georgetown, and Cedar Park.

What is also interesting to note from the data provided by the U.S. Census Bureau, is the geographical locations of population increases.  The areas that have seen the best growth are in the Western and Southern areas of the country.

Unfortunately, this data doesn’t provide the information as to why these areas have seen a population increase.  There could be a number of reasons, from an increase in job prospects to a natural migration to areas with better economic growth than the less populated zones.

Yet, it is important to note that in comparison to the previous year’s census, also available from the U.S. Census Bureau, that little has changed in the top 11 states when it comes to population increases. This demonstrates a trend that is ongoing with potential for business opportunities to offer deals on moving states.  Even locating business links within these destinations, can help those individuals who are looking for the services of a professional moving company.

Therefore, if you are looking to secure more clients in the future, the business location in relation to population growth might play an important part in getting the contracts for moving to these highly desirable states.