Cellphone Restriction Implementation

Cellphone Restriction Implementation

Using a phone while driving is dangerous.  There are many studies that prove you are more likely to have an accident while using a mobile phone to call another person or to send a text message.

The FMCSA has taken steps to introduce new laws governing the use of mobile phones in commercial vehicles. If these regulations aren’t followed, then the driver and the company face fines that are high and the possibility of the driver losing his license for a period of time.

Businesses that continue to expect to have contact with their drivers need to ensure the phone is within reach of the driver, but the driver is not to move from the safety of the seat belt to reach for the phone. It also dictates that a driver must not press more than one button to call or answer a call. Ideally, businesses that need contact with drivers should consider the use of Bluetooth technology that allows the driver to answer calls and to make calls with their voice rather than their hands.

It is important to realize the potential danger that using a phone while driving can cause. Just driving at 55 MPH and calling or texting, the driver looks away for an average of 4 seconds.  This is enough time for that vehicle to travel nearly 400 feet without the driver looking at the road.

The FMCSA are not only looking to protect the lives of the commercial vehicle driver but also prevent an accident, saving lives and money. It is important to realize that while accidents are rare with commercial vehicles, finding ways in which to prevent them happening is important.

The businesses which allow for the use of mobile phones could find that their Safety Measurement System Results are affected, causing more pressure for the businesses to consider complying with regulations.

Therefore, if you are a commercial vehicle driver or a business that needs to keep in close contact with drivers, it is important that you comply with new regulations set out by the FMCSA to prevent fines and disqualification.