Tristate Conference Celebrates Heritage

Tristate Conference Celebrates Heritage

The Tristate Household Goods Tariff Conference Inc. is still going strong since its conception in 1936. In that time it has seen many changes, but what has not changed much is the executive secretary, Kenneth Sataloff. He has held this position since 1973 and still has little intention of giving up the post even though he has recently celebrated his 70th birthday.

What is interesting to note about the Conference is they feel there is not a need to have a website. Kenneth feels the justification for one is just not present, and they manage perfectly well without one.

The information gathered from all members allows a glimpse into the changes in the moving business and if there are any noticeable rate rises or decreases. This can help to gauge overall strength or weaknesses in the moving industry and how it could affect the growth of this business sector.

The industry is growing each year and it is important that these companies, who are licensed in the state of Pennsylvania, ensure all their insurance policies are up to date. If any of them lapse, for any reason, the Commission in charge of these licenses will have the power to remove them if non-compliant within 20 days.

When the Commission first gives the business a license, they must clarify where they will receive the help and advice needed to ensure they meet the requirements put in place by the state. They have the option to join the Tristate Household Goods Tariff Conference Inc. Their fees are set at an affordable rate, ensuring they can meet the needs of the moving companies who are new to the business as well as the long-established firms.

Therefore, the Tristate Household Goods Tariff Conference Inc. shows the importance of commitment and staff who have the experience and the expertise to continue to grow and develop, even without the internet.