The Debate Over ELDs

The Debate Over ELDs

The changes happening with regard to the driver’s ELD’s, electronic logging devices, and the way technology is used in haulage vehicles is going to be laughable in a few years. There are those who are worried about the costs of implementation of new systems and what it will mean to their business. There are those who are big enough and have enough influence in the market that the transition is part of progress.  Then there are those that are fighting the change, who are saying why change something if it is not broken?

All these arguments have their points to make and are equally valid.  However, technology is changing and the legal requirements are too. The point is having the right equipment for your business.

In the past, this was difficult because of the lack of cross platforms that the software was available on.  This meant forcing creators of the software to choose cross platform optimization for their products. Thus previously making any transition expensive because the software needed testing on all operating systems.

However, there is hope on the horizon.  The need for the operating system to become available on Android and IOS is important, and software manufacturers are listening. It will mean the less high tech businesses can opt for a cheaper platform and even use smart phones for this technology.

One idea that vehicle manufacturers have toyed with is the potential to put in a system on the point of manufacturer. Unfortunately, many businesses see this as a potential liability and one where legal teams are unable to provide an answer.

The technology that is coming will change the moving business.  There are already some changes creeping in. However, this is going to increase as businesses see the potential for the technology and what it can offer by having this directly installed in the vehicles. The communication and the documentation transfer is going to involve less paperwork and more technology, saving the planet as well as saving businesses money in the long-term.