Launching The New Truck Driver Training Advisory Committee

Launching The New Truck Driver Training Advisory Committee

As part of the MAP-21 requirements, the government needed to put together a committee to look at the training provided to new drivers in commercial vehicles and ensure that the training was meeting the requirements. The new committee is called the Entry-level driver Training Advisory Committee. They hold the knowledge that can ensure that systems and training packages improve, leading to an improvement on the roads and highways.

The rulings that will develop from these meetings will help change the training available and ensure that the right information is being taught. The first announcement for changing the procedure is expected at some point in 2016, with the changes coming into force within 12 to 18 months after that date.

For a committee approval, the number of committee members that must agree to the change is 23 out of 26. Currently, the idea is to allow for public comments throughout the meetings rather than just at the end.  However, this is subject to change if there is a need to reduce the amount of debate or if there is not enough focus on the tasks in hand.

This committee has been formed because of the highway bill MAP-21 with the FMCSA organizing the committee.  Another aspect of the bill was to look at a possible increase in minimum security needed for moving businesses. The IAM thinks that any increase will potentially damage the smaller businesses, which could be put out of business because of the potential increase in coverage required.

Fortunately, no decision as to whether the current $750,000 is going to change.  If it does, the suggestions have been to stop it at the $1 million mark, which will make it easier to manage for the smaller businesses.

The many changes happening in line with the highway reauthorization bill, MAP-21 are important for business owners keep up-to-date on in case it has an effect on their businesses.