Advice from Debbie Morales The Claims Professional

Advice from Debbie Morales The Claims Professional

If you know the moving industry, you might have had the pleasure in meeting Debbie Morales, owner of Metro Claims and Relocations Service International. The only job she hasn’t experienced in the moving business is actually driving the trucks.  This allows Debbie to truly understand the business and makes her an expert on everything that a moving company is involved with. However, Debbie runs a successful business in furniture restoration, accidents happen and items will suffer damage; this damage needs assessing in a short time-frame as to the possibility of repair.

What makes Debbie and her business great is the knowledge that she brings to the table, she is able to help other movers and insurance adjustors to understand the moving business and that is why she was a guest speaker at the IAM convention in 2011. Teaching other people what to look out for when it comes to claims is important;  especially if you are looking to detect fraudulent claims or assessing damage, which, if transported differently, could have avoided the damage altogether.

Debbie Morales has been part of the moving industry all her life, she literally started at the bottom of the ladder and worked her way up the industry; her father was in the restoration business and her mother, who worked for United Van Lines, where Debbie managed to get a job starting at the bottom.

She opened her own company some 20 years later, a furniture restoration for the moving industry, they do not take on work for the private client and this makes the business of restoration and claims very important.

It is important that the customer has complete satisfaction with the service they receive; there is nothing more annoying than poor customer service when making an insurance claim. It is a stressful time and poor service makes this an even more difficult a situation.

Therefore, it is important to take note from the success of Debbie Morales, she knows the business, she has worked in all departments and this is part of the key to her success.