The Right Way To Pack

The Right Way To Pack

Understanding the importance of packing is key to a successful move.  It might seem like a hassle to pack your belongings or to have a moving team pack for you, but if you consider the bigger picture, it makes sense to let the trained professionals do the packing for you to minimize the potential damage to your belongings.

Something that costs time and money are items that are incorrectly packed because it will likely cause damage to the items. Boxes that haven’t been adequately packaged and are moved are liable to breakage. This is not the aim of the moving company as it adds stress and time to an already difficult time for the client and costs them time and money.

Items of furniture will need wrapping to protect them from damage.  Insist that all items are protected and this will prevent the possibility of any damage or claim.

Don’t be offended if your moving team wants to highlight an area of damage on items prior to a move. They might even take a picture to prove the damage before moving.  They are just doing their job and protecting themselves and their company from a client making a false claim for damage.

The type of packing box is important.  The boxes protect the items and at the same time corral them into one small space. Be aware of the pros and cons of different boxes.  While cardboard boxes are great and offer protection, they will only last no more than a couple of moves.  Another option is to choose green moving boxes, like plastic boxes, which are more durable and last longer than the typical cardboard box. Unfortunately, not many moving companies offer these boxes as part of the move.

Next is labeling. It doesn’t matter if the client is packing or the moving company, the label should have certain components.  It must list content so it is possible to find items that a customer needs.  You may also include a number or the customer’s name.

The most important aspect of the move is the packing of the client’s goods.  Whether they do it themselves or get the professionals in, if it isn’t protected, then it runs the risk of damage.