The Charitable Side Of The Moving Industry

The Charitable Side Of The Moving Industry

There are people who go beyond the ordinary and take an extra step to ensure that they provide a service that helps others. One way they do so it by taking humanitarian issues into consideration and ensuring that there are ways to take equipment to those who need it. is a charitable organization that helps Rotarians move supplies around the world for humanitarian causes.  By provided resources to people who will help other people that are most, those organizations that participate are giving to different humanitarian causes and providing aides as per their requirements.

Dennis Klainberg has been a member of his local Rotary Club helping those people in his community, and has set up the charitable organization Rotaship.  His motto, ‘Service Above Self’, is something that he lives by and ensures that his charitable organization is able to have the facilities to move items to anywhere they need to go.

The organization has taken food, water, fire safety equipment, and even books to different countries, depending on their current need.

Dennis has spent his life serving his community and giving back to those people that need his help. He raises money for his charity wherever he can, even raising money at the US Open Championship for those people who were affected by Hurricane Katrina.

Moving companies have the ability to help charities in a different capacity than most businesses.  They have access to vehicles, which are traveling across America and even the world.

This shows the opportunities, which are available to help other people, even in everyday life. Moving companies are able to help with humanitarian efforts by getting items to needy people.

What this shows, is how one man is helping to improve the lives of people around the world.  His dedication has led to forming a charity to ensure that Rotarian people, who want to send aid across the globe, can do so.