The Do’s and Don’ts of Public Speaking

The Do’s and Don’ts of Public Speaking

Manager or Executive, chances are that you will need to get up in front of the men at some point in time or another and tell them how things are, or how they’re going to be. Just remember, you are not as bad of a speaker as you think, you will always be your toughest critic. If you feel anxiety, that’s good, it means that you really care about the subject that you are speaking about or about the people you are speaking to. The last thing that the movers or employees need to see is their manager or executive stuttering and fidgeting. Look your audience in the eye and discern what they need from you, they need the person who has control over the situation. Guess what? That’s you. Follow these Do’s and Don’ts and you’ll be just fine.

Dos –

  1. Square up your shoulders.
  2. Look them in the eyes.
  3. State the facts.
  4. Access Employee Needs.
  5. Acknowledge Individuals (Unless it calls them out).
  6. Smile.
  7. Thank people for their time.

Don’ts –

  1. Unless there are more than 20 employees, don’t do the show of hands.
  2. Don’t imagine your employees in their underwear.
  3. Do not imagine yourself in your underwear.
  4. Don’t constantly look at your watch; even if you have somewhere to be, it will make your employees feel like they aren’t worth your time.
  5. Don’t close your eyes if you are speaking dramatically.
  6. Don’t be spastic with your arms, even if you are trying to prove a point.
  7. Don’t pound a table or podium, even if you are angry.
  8. Keep your hands out of your pocket.

Relax; the hardest part to every speech is starting it. Once you get the flow and it’s all downhill from there. Follow these tips and be the best speaking manager or executive that you can be.