Cosmo Storage Containers- Next Big Thing?

Cosmo Storage Containers- Next Big Thing?

Cosmo Containers have become the next big thing when it comes to storage containers. There is a vast market for people who need to store their belongings, whether it be for a move or just to keep it safe for a short period of time.

Wooden crates can have a bad reputation for cracking and can have problems when exposed to the weather for long periods of time. These wooden crates can also be a pain to assemble as well. Cosmo crates on the other hand are made up of a tough, polymer-based design that ensures that everthing stored inside is safe.

There are two different sizes of containers that provide movers with up to 250 ft of usable storage space and the Cosmo Storage Crates are stackable as well. They are also able to collapse to a slim 2.5’ H, which allows the standard 53-foot trailer to ship up to thirty of these containers and will also save tons of space in the warehouse.

Cosmo crates are so big, one crate is able to store a standard couch and a king size mattress. It may sound tough, loading a couch and a mattress into a giant box, but Cosmo has an innovative two-sided access door on both sides that make loading and unloading a breeze. Even when filled, Cosmo crates are just as easy to store.

More and more moving companies have been switching to the Cosmo Storage Containers because they are rugged, strong, space saving units that are also reasonably priced as well. Not only are these units used for storage and moving, but also for government and military jobs have been using these more because they are better than the typical metal storage containers. Other markets for these containers also include building, construction, and disaster relief programs.

If you are a moving company with limited space and storage, purchasing Cosmo Crates can be a big help. They are practical, strong, lightweight, and affordable. They’re perfect for anyone that needs a mobile storage solution and is something that every moving company should strongly consider jumping on.