How to write an effective job posting

How to write an effective job posting

Public job postings aren’t as simple as writing what you want and posting it to a few different sites or newspapers. A job posting done well will attract qualified applicants, save your company time, and improve your recruitment efficiency. Creating an effective job posting can be done by following a few basic guidelines and tips.

The most important aspect of a job posting to consider is its width, or lack thereof. If a job posting is too narrow, it can call for Hercules-like qualities. If a job posting is too wide, you will receive applicants from anyone and anything who breathes, including Hercules’ horse Pegasus. How do you write a job posting that attracts qualified applicants but isn’t too wide or narrow?

Obviously, it is necessary to specify the qualities you are looking for in candidates. The job posting should show your wants and needs for the position in concrete characteristics. However, it is very important to consider the crucial functions and responsibilities of the job position. Review what is absolutely essential for the position and deduct what experience and qualities are necessary for a successful candidate.

Some specific items you might want to include in the job posting are as follows:
· Organization level
· Management requirement
· Degree or certificate required
· Specific responsibilities or duties held
· Specific skill required
· Experience

It is also essential to keep in mind that not only are you trying to find the perfect candidate for this position, but the candidates are looking for the best company for them. An effective job posting is not just a job description, but it sells your company as well. Your posting should make the candidate want to work for your company, so it is important to highlight the most important aspects of the working environment and the culture of the company.

Here are some examples about what to include when selling your company:
· Points of pride: customer service, years of service, customer satisfaction, company attitude, etc.
· Advancement of career
· Company culture
· Length of business
· Future visions and goals

Another aspect of the job posting to consider is to follow HR compliance guidelines. The job posting should not include any qualifications that could be seen as discriminatory. For example, steer away from mentioning anything about age, gender, race, religion, or sexual preference.

After you’ve written a job posting that highlights the most important aspects of the job at hand and sells your company, you should have qualified candidates applying in no time.