Moveline: Moving Industry

Moveline Is The New Technology Player in The Moving Industry (Part 2)

movelineMoveline, with an investment of over $1.5 million has been able to make its entry into the moving industry, as a provider of new technology. Users who want to move can use the software application for providing potential movers with proper pricing and options for relocation services.

The company provides a new method of in-home estimation by allowing users to record videos of their home to perform a survey. Moveline has also developed a version of the FaceTime app to help make this job easier.

Once a user has connected with the Move Captain, Moveline’s internal program, the application would evaluate the video and all aspects related to the moving process. It would then collect estimates from an established network comprising of pre-screened relocation services providers.

Moveline goes a step further and gets pricing results only from those vendors who are available. After adding its commission, the Move Captain would submit the fixed price binding quotes to the users for comparison. Just like other third-party players in the movement-arrangers industry, Moveline works out a brokering fee between 6 and 15% of the final bid.

After a user selects a moving company, the Move Captain would book the job with the carrier based upon the negotiated price and the moving schedule of the user. In addition, they would also monitor the assigned job for ensuring high level of customer satisfaction.

At present, users would have to pay directly to the movers based upon the terms in their bill of lading or the contract. However, it is expected that in just a few months, Moveline would make it possible for users to make the payments online. This would make things much easier as everything would be automated and streamlined.

It would also enable Move Captain to channelize payment to different service providers. Moveline is preparing to deliver this new billing form this very year.