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How To Make Your Workers Love You

How To Make Your Workers Love You

“Good job!”, “Nice work!”, “Well done!” – these are some of the things most workers want to hear from their employers. Hearing these lines from their employers make them want to work harder in order to meet the needs of their customers and clients, as well as their employers.

However, according to psychologists, these are not enough to fully motivate employees into giving all their best in their work. While these are indeed very positive and may motivate some employees, it is best that employers show that they really appreciate their employees’ work by being more specific in their comments.

According to psychologist Carol Dweck, giving positive comments to employees are very much appreciated, but giving positive feedback is better. When employees are praised in abstract, such as the ones mentioned above, it gives the illusion that he or she is already working good in his or her field of work, thus he or she feels that he or she no longer needs to improve. However, when given specific feedback, such as “the research you have done is meticulous and detailed” or “you are very punctual and always on time”, you are telling your employees what makes them so valuable. This, in turn, will motivate employees as well as improve the other areas of their work.

Carol also states that many employers usually give away positive comments instead of positive feedbacks, with most employers thinking that this will boost their employees’ morale. However, contrary to what they are thinking, positive comments only give a small boost to their morale compared to giving them positive feedbacks about their work.

It is important to put that extra thought in; this may spell the difference between your employees working even harder and your employees working as they were before.