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What to do when you are told “Hell No”

What to do when you are told “Hell No”

Good for you: your salespeople are doing great jobs! They’re putting themselves out there, taking care of cold calling, presenting your product and modifying their offers. Unfortunately, some of their prospects still went with someone else. How your salespeople handle “No.” can either make or break your bottom line.
Teach your people that it isn’t the end of the world with some of these moving business tips and advice:

  1. Listen, listen, listen! Your salesperson might be worried that their prospect didn’t like their offer. However, there are often very specific explanations as to why they chose someone else. Careful listening can offer some great insight.
  1. Be respectful. It’s important that they don’t throw a tantrum because they didn’t get their sale – “No” comes with the job. Instead, encourage they express their disappointment in a less whiney, more level-headed way. “I admit I’m disappointed…” is a great way to bow down with dignity intact.
  1. Compliments will get you… Somewhere, at least. Never, EVER trash talk your competition. Instead, praise the prospect on their great choice. This makes you look respectable and doesn’t question their judgment.
  1. Stop burning bridges! In order to insure your placement as next-best, end things on a positive note! Make the prospect feel important and they won’t forget it. And hey – sometimes things go sour with their top-pick, you want to be there to pick them back up.

With any luck, these moving business tips and advice will help your team recoup their losses and keep chugging along! As salespeople, denial is part of the job and with every loss comes the chance to learn and improve!

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