Rogue Movers

Fighting Against Hostage Takers: Rogue Movers

Fighting Against Hostage Takers: Rogue Movers

Every year, millions of Americans opt for the services of a moving company to move their things from one place to another. In fact, in 2012, there were more than 36 million moves done by these moving companies. Most moves are successful, and are done without any problems whatsoever. However, there are some cases where the move is quite problematic, which produces problems for the customer. There are some cases wherein the belongings of the customers are “held hostage” until the mover is paid an extra fee, which causes even more problems. Fortunately, there are people that are willing to go up against these “hostage takers”, helping the victims of these unscrupulous people.

Rogue movers have long been a problem by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). The FMCSA, however, have always made sure that they implement stricter laws in order to combat these rogue movers. Last October 1, 2012, the FMCSA implemented the new law MAP-21, which furthered the goals of the organization in combating rogue movers. Stricter laws are implemented, and are planned in the future, in order to make sure that rogue movers won’t have a chance to victimize other unwilling clients in the future.

Today, they have closed down a number of rogue moving companies and are still actively responding to customer reports and complaints.

If you have been a victim of rogue movers, or know someone who has been a victim of one, do not hesitate to file a report to the FMCSA. Every bit of information you share with them will benefit future customers of moving companies, saving them the problem of encountering such misfortunes. You can file a report by visiting their official website, or you can call them directly on their toll-free hotline.

Join the fight against rogue movers! Do your part against these “hostage takers” and help put a stop to all these moving problems!