Finding Your Perfect Salesperson (Part I of II)

Salespeople literally are the ones who can make or break the relationship between the moving company and their clients. And as our economy is beginning to pick itself back up, many moving companies are finding themselves in the market for hiring more salespeople. But, how can you be sure that you are hiring the correct individual for your business?

In this two-part article we will show you some things to keep a look-out for when conducting your interviews for an open sales position within your company:

  • Interaction: Effective communication skills are imperative to the success of a salesperson. Pay close attention to your potential salesperson’s method of communication, as well as their body language. Are they giving cues that would make your customer’s feel at ease?
  • Stress: It is well known that our bodies react to stressful situations, often leading people to go in to a shut down mode both of mental and physical capacity. Be sure to ask questions that would determine how your potential salesperson would handle certain stressful situations.
  • Problem-Solving: Is this person a problem-solver, if so what type? We all have unique ways that we tend to use to solve the problems we all face. But, is their form of solution one that would benefit your company? This is something of great importance to note prior to signing them on.
  • Resume: This is something that we all too often take advantage of when interviewing someone to work for our company. We often tend to favor a particular person based on their interviewing skills, and a good personality, then we hire them on only to find they lack certain skills that we initially sought in the job description. Never forget the importance of a side-by-side review of a resume, and the job requirements you are seeking in your employee.

In part II of this article we will have some more tips and advice for you to assist you in finding the perfect sales candidate for your moving business.