Generating Customer Feedback

Generating Customer Feedback

If you have wondered how you can improve the service to your customers, you might have touched upon the field of customer feedback forms. These are often filled in without thought or are never returned to the office. Even if they are and the feedback is positive, little is done with this information except maybe filed and forgotten.

But there is a system that you, as a moving business, can sign up to. It is a service that allows your customers to give feedback electronically. This speeds up the process and allows your customers views to be added onto a site that is dedicated to the moving industry. It allows customers and potential customers to give feedback, that is honest and this can be a great tool in marketing your business.

Telling a client you are great is one thing, directing customers to your independent reviews and letting them decide that you will offer them great customer service, is an even better sales technique.

But what is exciting, is the potential that this feedback can do for individual businesses; social media is there for the taking and giving a business positive feedback and sharing this information with your friends and family, is giving free advertising to your business. This is worth more than most advertising campaigns because it comes direct from the customer.

What is vital, however, is being there for those customers who have had a bad experience; it is these people that have problems, who need to be able to discuss their concerns with the management of the company. They should not be neglected, or ignored; sometimes this was very difficult to do in previous situations with paper-based forms. Moving is often a stressful time; getting little moving problems sorted might be a low priority, but for the company it is vital that problems are sorted as soon as possible because this negative situation could harm the company’s reputation.