Protect Your Software And Customer Details

Protect Your Software And Customer Details

If you are looking to update your systems and want to show customers the best deals for their move, then using modern technology can speed up the process. However, it is time to have caution too. There are new technologies out there, not to help or promote your business, but to download information that could harm your software and risk the details of your customers, too.

QR codes are relatively new and it is surprising how frequently people scan these codes without realizing the potential consequences. These codes can take people direct to a reputable site, advertising goods and services.  However, there are instances where these codes send people to sites that have questionable content or download malware to your computer.

It is important that you and your staff are aware of the potential problems that downloading a code can do. Therefore, if you use technology in your business to speed up the service that you offer, make staff aware of the consequences of downloading a QR code that is not from a reputable company. The best advice is not to download or to scan these codes on company equipment, unless generated by the company or current suppliers.

If data held on your computers suffers from a malware attack, you run the risk of your moving business being open to computer hackers and this could compromise the confidential details stored on your system about your clients. This situation could cause problems and cost you trust and client confidence, ultimately leading, in the worst case, to the loss of your business.

Therefore, it is vital that you educate staff to the potential threats from even the most innocent actions. The potential for harm from QR codes is not worth the risk unless from a reputable source.