Drug And Alcohol Database

Drug And Alcohol Database

It is important for businesses to rely on drivers honesty and ability to drive safely, but not just when they are in their employment. How drivers behave outside the business is important too, it can affect the premiums of the insurance that the business is currently paying.

This is why the FMCSA is looking to create a database that holds information on drivers who have failed a drug test or refused to perform a test when requested by authorities. This information allows a clear picture of individuals who have violated driving laws, which ultimately could have an effect onĀ  moving businesses hiring unsuitable drivers.

This information would allow owners of moving businesses the option to check potential new drivers. This information would highlight any potential problems that could impair their ability to do their job in-line with company policies. However, if a mistake is resolved legally between the driver and the law, should this information be held on record and potentially affect future employment opportunities?

Nevertheless, the company will need to pass on information that they hold about their drivers, forwarded on a regular basis to keep records up to date. This will mean extra work for small moving businesses in order for them to comply with the new rules regarding their drivers. Unfortunately, the extra costs incurred in providing this information is going to fall as part of the running costs of the business.

Currently, this database is still in the process of being made and only when it passes the current legislation will the details of all the requirements be available.

However, the rules and regulations are there to protect the public, as well as the business owners, from drivers who have driven with drugs and alcohol in their systems or who have refused to take a test. Knowing who these people are before you hire them could protect your future business from potential problems.