Data Manifests Sold

Data Manifests Sold

A move to prevent the details of customers, who have moved into or out of the USA, from being openly sold is a matter of urgency. At present it is possible to purchase this information in the form of a CD-ROM. An individual can ask for confidentiality in their move, but until recently it has not been clear as to the need for this. It is often only when the customer is pestered by businesses that have purchased a copy of the list, they are aware of the problems they then face.

What is worrying, is the information held. This is personal data and should be unavailable for sale. The IAM wants this practice to stop and to protect the public who have moved, not necessarily on their own choosing, to have protection from their personal details been given to anyone.

It is important that all businesses are looking to protect their customers now and in the future from the potential selling of their PII, Personally Identifiable Information.  Informing clients of the need to fill in the confidentiality request forms that are provided is essential, but companies are not giving the clear message as to the reason for completing the form.

This selling of personal information has seen the basis of a large number of complaints which track back to the selling of personal information of their movements, as well as other sensitive information. All of which you would hope was kept under strict control.  However, this is not the case unless you have completed the confidentiality form.

What the IAM is doing, is allowing members to access this form and allowing customers to protect themselves against their details falling into the hands of those businesses or people, who are looking to exploit others.

Therefore, if you deal in moving clients overseas, then it is important that you give the information to your clients to protect their identity in the future.