CSA Safety Records Can Harm Your Moving Business

CSA Safety Records Can Harm Your Moving Business

It is important that information about moving businesses and their safety records are made visible to the public so they can make good decisions. However, the current system being used by the FMCSA is not accurate and there are calls for this data not to be visible to the general public.

It is not about hiding the information but about updating the system so that it is accurate and not misleading. Currently there are questions as to the reliability of the information and how the information is obtained.

To change in the availability of the information, the FMCSA needs to report directly to Congress with a detailed plan of the improvement to the current system and with the implementation of this plan.  This will ensure that before the details are released to the public, the information that it holds is accurate.

This information needs to be correct because any data recorded that is wrong can and will damage a business’s reputation. Moving companies are feeling the pressure of the economic downturn and need to have the ability to compete in a very competitive market. They must ensure that any information that is available to the public is accurate and not misleading.

AMSA is supporting this move to withdraw access to this information until it is accurate and up-to-date, since it has caused problems for the moving companies that have inaccurate information held. Along with other supporters. they have taken this initiative to the Transport Secretary in a bid to remove this information from the public eye.

Therefore, if you are a moving company that is being misrepresented in the CSA scores, then it is important that you support AMSA in fighting to make the information accurate. It has the potential to harm your moving business in it’s reputation and lost revenue, and this is not acceptable business practice, especially from the FMCSA.