Working Together To Build A Stronger Moving Industry

Working Together To Build A Stronger Moving Industry

With the changes that are happening in the economic growth of the country and a work force that is growing older and working longer, it is in a business’s best interest to ensure that they have an ability to retain a work force. Many within the younger generation are not looking to purchase homes but prefer the rental option as it gives them the freedom to move if necessary. The industry as a whole has to take on these changes by making sure they are in a position which allows them to move forward, not only as individual businesses but also for the moving industry as a whole.

This is just one of the reasons why AMSA and the Worldwide ERC have started to work together, to ensure that the relationship between these two is as strong as possible.

They have been working together to improve the moving deduction tax reform, ensuring that if anything that Congress proposes supports the joint approach from both parties.  They also want to deal with any proposals that are against the extensive work that a committee, which has been dedicated to this area.

Both groups have strong desires in improving the education of people who are involved in the moving and storage business. It is estimated for the next 18 years that everyday there are 10,000 people who will be turning 65.  Working on improving moving business education will ensure that there are enough options for older individuals to continue working in the industry as well as ensure that the younger generations are trained to be a part of these global businesses.

The improvements in technology will allow businesses to move forward into a modern business approach, which can encompass the whole world with the knowledge of the needs of the businesses.  AMSA and other organizations are working to make sure these needs are being met for the moving industry.