Decisions from Congress for Business

Decisions from Congress for Business

As usual in politics, there is always some time delay, which can affect the progression of different areas of society, including the business community.  While it is important that decisions are made in a timely manner, it is also important that the right decisions are made to enable businesses to move forward and develop and grow.

Often when individual businesses have issues that affect the whole business sector, it is important to address these issues and resolve them as quickly as possible.

Before Congress resumes, there is a ‘lame duck’ congress that can look at some of the issues before Congress returns. This could potentially allow some items to be addressed quicker, rather than waiting for a longer period of time.

One important aspect that is key to the moving companies across America is transportation and infrastructure. The current legislation has expired.  New proposals for long term or short-term funding opportunity need to be discussed.  The benefits to moving companies need to be weighed for either of these proposals.  This funding will affect any businesses that use haulage and storage capabilities in their daily business activities.

There are rulings that the FMSCA need to consider before making any final decisions, expected in 2015. Along with the National Defense Authorization Act, this act has not failed to pass Congress since the 1960’s. One area the Department of Defense is looking for is more flexibility in the funding they receive.

The TPA, Trade Promotion Authority, would be a resource for America with the ability to approve a trade pact, with a vote of either up or down. This concept has not has support and many hope that it will not be present in the lame duck session of Congress.

Therefore, while there is a period of time when the path of Congress seems slow, there is hope that the lame duck can steal the show and get items moving in the right direction.