IAM Meeting Military Representatives Addressed Issues

IAM Meeting Military Representatives Addressed Issues

The IAM’s annual meeting in Florida was a great success. This year the U.S Government representatives attended unlike the previous year when budget restrictions prevented any attendance and the only option was to have a Skype link set up.

This year’s representatives came from the Department of Defense’s, DOD, the Surface Deployment and Distributions Command, SDDC, and the DPS Program Management Office, PMO. All representatives discussed areas that are associated with their individual departments and interacted with the other members in attendance throughout the annual meeting.

These interactions helped to promote and address concerns in different areas, which the moving businesses who attended wanted to address. While there are no definite changes to any policy or procedure, those military personal are able to take this information and address the concerns of the businesses, who often find some of the procedures annoying or lacking in some way.

The IAM will continue to work with the military on a number of important topics that need changing to better meet the needs of the businesses.

Some areas that are being addressed are:

  • The problems with TDL releases not being available in a timely manner,
  • Transit times needing to be reviewed on international and domestic shipments,
  • Access to the bases when trying to move domestic and non-domestic goods,
  • Changes to the domestic program and how it affects international moves, and
  • The Open Season in 2014 and 2015.

The important discussions with all representatives in attendance and not just the military personal proved the whole IAM annual meeting was a success. It is amazing that this meeting was the 52nd annual meeting the IAM has conducted. All representatives are looking forward to the future conferences, as it is a great place to meet other people and businesses and form contacts. These will further develop the moving businesses as a whole across America.