Improving Your Business Website and Web Presence

Improving Your Business Website and Web Presence

There is nothing worse for a company to have a poor web presence. From the customers’ perspective, it is a bad sign.  They will notice poor designs, lack of clarity, and generally a poor experience.

Therefore, it is essential that you have a site that is quick to load.  Nothing will make a customer click off your site more than a slow load time. It also must look professional and easy to navigate to find the business details without clicking through a number of different pages.

Unless you are computer savvy, it is a good idea to hire a professional web designer if you are looking to impress potential new customers.  Find someone with experience and you can rest assured that it will look professional and not something amateurish.

If you are looking for hits from search engines, or SEO as it is called, it is important that you have an up-to-date site.  Upload new content regularly, perhaps by incorporating a blog or moving tips. This will give your potential customers valuable information that can help to improve their moving experience.  Featuring new reviews can also be a good way to entice potential clients.

Although it may not seem like it, ensuring that you have a social media presence is important.  On your website have links  for users to click through to their favorite social media site, which you should update regularly. This will impress many potential clients, especially the younger generation. It shows that you are an active, up-to-date business that understands the potential power the internet and social media have on potential new clients.

Sharing reviews from customers, good and bad, is important.  One reason is that it is realistic.  If they are only good reviews it can have a negative impact on potential clients because no one is perfect. All perfect reviews look odd, and this will be a red flag.  As long as you show that you can handle the situation or poor experience and show that you care, a negative review can have a positive impact.

It is vital that your website has the right impact on customers to get key conversions in sales and further recommendations.