4 things your moving company website needs

4 things your moving company website needs

In the business world, you only get one chance to make a good first impression. With the day and age, the information super highway is directly at our fingertips. With that in mind, your website needs to look legitimate and leave a lasting impression. The following is a list of 4 things that every moving company website needs in order to leave the impression that’s needed for them to pick up the phone and dial you.

1. Contact Information – Based off of various multi-media researches and studies, nearly 75% of small business owners do not have an email link on their homepage. Right of the bat, if you were to implement an email link on your website, you would be in the twenty five percentile of business owners. And – 6 out of 10 don’t have a phone number listed. Just by implementing these 2 things, you could be way ahead of your competition.

2. Images that show moving – Believe it or not, people want to see your movers in the act. Even though it can be tempting to have only a logo, or some pretty graphics instead of moving, don’t do it. Think twice before you put the image up, look at the density of the picture, if there is anything that could make you look un-professional, remove it, or Photoshop it out.

3. Have a clear Nav with working links – The home page of your website should have a clear and simple to use navigation system on either the top or left side of the page. The clickable buttons need to be clearly marked with words that will take the user to the content that is provided. Nearly every moving company should have a home page, about us page, services page, pricing and a FAQ page.

4. Social Media links – Most moving companies don’t know the importance of social media links, but believe us when we say, they are an iatrical part of your website. Local moves are mainly built on customer used before and referrals. If your company has done an amazing job, your customers will want to scream it out from the rooftops. Social media sites like twitter and facebook are perfect for showing new or potential customers that you mean business.