Connecting The Mentor And The Protégé

Connecting The Mentor And The Protégé

The IAM noticed a very important aspect of moving businesses.  There are those with a lot of experience and the potential to be mentors by helping those who are inexperienced.  They can help and guide them on their own journey in this vast global business by helping them learn and understand information that sometimes only experience can explain.

Often, this information and experience is lost.  By tapping into these potential mentors and connecting them with a less experienced person in the field, it will help them develop and grow professionally.

Nurturing the younger members of the IAM helps them to succeed.  They can then help develop the industry.  Mentors can enable the advancement and development of these potential sucesses to grow quicker than if they are left to fend for themselves.

The mentor experiences are just as important as that of the protégé.  This is why the IAM takes its time in the Mentor Match program to find the right match between the mentor and the protégé. It is about forming a bond and a relationship.  The protégé needs a person you can turn to for advice or just to sound off some ideas.  Knowing that person is listening and understanding is a powerful experience, which businesses should encourage.

Learning from experience is different from learning skills on a course or training program and this is what is different with Mentor Match. It is about the coupling of two individuals who are looking to gain from this experience and to learn about themselves, too.  The mentor can learn what they can give to another person to help them to move forward in life and business, and the learner can take comfort in knowing that they have someone to turn to.

Therefore, if you are unsure about taking the step as either a mentor or a protégé, then rest assured the experience can be life changing for both parties involved.