Atlas Van Lines Study of Inbounds and Outbounds

Atlas Van Lines Study of Inbounds and Outbounds

One of North America’s leading moving companies, Atlas Van Lines, continues to climb the rank as the number of 2011 YTD moves continued to grow. A trend and pattern study , formulated by Atlas in 1993 to track interstate moving, found that South Western and Mid-Atlantic states are becoming more of a hot spot for moving, while the Mid-Western states continue to fall short, however regardless of its plummet, Michigan has maintained a balanced quota over the last 6 years.

The study shows that warmer climate states tend to be more balanced with in bounds and out bounds, or increase by YTD. This shows that the warmer that the weather gets, the higher the increase of the field work becomes. The more stable the weather in the Midwest, the more inclined the citizens will feel to continue living in their state.

“Our annual migration patterns study is an interesting gauge of the economy, where economic development is taking place and trends to follow throughout the upcoming year,” said Jack Griffin, president and COO of Atlas World Group. “These new findings are especially promising, as we saw the number of moves increase yet again across North America.”

Overall, moves have gone up 7%, while states and trends take place—

Northern States
Aside from New Hampshire, which was mainly an inbound state but has recently become more balanced, Massachusetts, West Virginia, and Connecticut has become balanced with as many ins as outs. Most of the other northern states have seen little to no changes in pattern from 2010 to 2011.

Southern States
The Southeast remains balanced with the exception of Louisiana, which switched from a balanced state to an outbound one in 2011. Southwest states Texas and New Mexico continue to be inbound states, as well as Mid-Atlantic States Virginia and North Carolina. After becoming a newly inbound state in 2010, Kentucky is now balanced.

Midwestern States
With a recap of the majority of the Midwest states, statistics show that there are more outbound jobs than inbound. However the Midwest has some balanced states, which are Iowa, South Dakota and Michigan. At the end of 2011 Wisconsin, Kansas and Nebraska ended with being mainly outbound states, which broke the trend of its last 10 years of being balanced states.

Western States
The Atlas study shows most of the Western states kept the balance of ins and outs, with only two states changing status, with Utah being mostly outbound and Wyoming being a balance.

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