Technology Makes Moving Even Easier

Technology Makes Moving Even Easier

When you relocate for work reasons often it isn’t easy to work out the true costs of the move.  It is a game of chance in some cases and learning by your mistakes when you choose a utility company to use or figure the actual cost of buying or renting a home in the new location.

This is changing due to new technology designed by a subsidiary of Atlas World Group Inc.  Avail Move Management has created an internet-based tool that helps to provide the answers to the question of cost for a move and relocation.

You will be provided with a more realistic picture of the cost of moving to a new location. This application will help with even the most detailed planning from helping with travel arrangements, finding an internet provider, and helping to arrange the move of their household goods too.

What the program does is allow the person to select the services that they need to move and provide them information with details on service companies they need.  This allows them to find the true cost of a move or relocation.

This is a great tool for those individuals who are moving to completely new areas and just don’t know where to turn for the best advice.  This provides them a list of companies who offer the service required.

This service is currently only available if you choose Atlas Van Lines as a moving company.  Along with your agreement, you will receive a password, which will allow you to access the system called Movr.  This will give you access to the information you need to have a successful and less stressful move to your new location.

Technology is developing to help those individuals that are planning a move and looking for help to pinpoint the right companies and get the best deal too.