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Legendary Hockey Olympian Makes His Move!

Every now and again, moving companies are asked to move some pretty high-profile people. Ranging from CEO’s and politicians to celebrities. Earlier this summer, Arpin Van Lines was specifically chosen to do just that in moving former Olympic Hockey Legend, Dave Christian. Christian himself personally selected Arpin Van Lines to move his family from Moorehead to Chaska, Minnesota, which was successfully accomplished. Dave Christian, along with Arpin’s Senior Vice-President, Bob Sullivan, as well as Vice President of Customer Care, Mark Dearborn, all played together in 2011 for the Arctic Cup Hockey Tournament in St. Petersburg, Russia to benefit and promote environmental conservation.

Best known for his contributions with the U.S. Olympic hockey team, that took home the Gold medal in an event (known as the “Miracle on Ice”) which inspired two movies, including “Miracle” (2004). The team which was made up of collegiate and amateur hockey players ended up beating out the Soviet team who was practically undefeated, in 1980 at Lake Placid, in turning leading to one of the most spectacular, as well as memorable events in the history of sports in the United States.

One week after the historical event, Dave Christian joined the “Winnipeg Jets”, and lays claim to a hockey record with the team of “Fastest Goal by a Player”, in the first 7 seconds of his first shift his 1st NHL game, and virtually stunning the crowd. Additionally, he went on to play with the “Washington Capitals”, “Chicago Blackhawks”, “Boston Bruins”, and the “St. Louis Blues”, scoring 340 goals and 433 assists in the 1,009 regular-season games he played.

Arpin Van Lines has over 100 years experience in the moving industry, and are headquartered in West Warwick, Rhode Island. They are a family-owned and opertated business with over 385 agency locations around the country. It is with great honor, that Arpin Van Lines was able to be the company chosen to move such a legendary and notably celebrated hockey player, as Dave Christian.