Tips From The Top Moving Companies

Tips From The Top Moving Companies

As with any business, there are always those companies that exceed all expectations and take their company to a high level. Listening to how these companies perform daily tasks can and will have a positive influence on the workings of your moving company and employees.  You might learn how to improve the service and the standards you offer.

Noting the importance of the service they offer and the training they provide their staff is one area to pay attention to.  It ensures their customers are getting the best people to move their belongings to their new home. This is an understatement when you consider the training that goes into new employees for Ward North American. The new employees have to attend a four-day Ward University course and the end test consists of 208 questions. If the employee doesn’t get above the 75% pass mark, then they are no longer employed by the company.

This is impressive training and it shows the commitment they have towards their staff and their potential customers.

Big Foot, a company that won the 2014 Enterprise Award from AMSA, likes to ensure a personal service. This is why customers have their employee contact’s mobile number in case they have a problem or a concern.  They can talk to the company at any time.

This is important when moving is such a difficult and stressful time. It can be hard to pinpoint the exact moving date right up until the last minute, and that can and does cause stress and tension. Having a company that understands this pressure and has compassion is important.

It is the same as a customer entrusting their possessions into the hands of strangers. They want to know you care for their furniture and spending time going over the process of protecting an item is important to give peace of mind.

Therefore, if you ever want to improve the service that you offer, taking tips from those companies who go that extra mile can help you improve your own business model.