AMSA Fights Federal Gas Tax Reduction

AMSA Fights Federal Gas Tax Reduction

The AMSA is fighting for the federal gas tax not to drop, as this will potentially damage the highways and roads across America.  A drop will mean a reduction in funding that ensures that all roads are up to the required standard for businesses to travel safely on the road infrastructure.

If the proposal would go through, the current budget of $85 billion would be reduced to a mere $8 billion. This is not adequate to provide the funding needed. It is important that the Federal government doesn’t reduce the gas tax as this funding is needed to ensure a road structure which is suitable for all to use state wide.

If funding is reduced then the chances are some areas having a better road structure than others.  This will have a negative impact on those businesses that use the roads and highways on a daily basis across states.

This is just one reason why the AMSA is campaigning to ensure that this reduction in the Federal Gas Tax doesn’t happen.  They want to ensure all companies that they support, including all the moving companies, which rely on a great road infrastructure, are able to actually run their business successfully. Poor road infrastructure can have a negative impact on the vehicles who use it daily, increasing the cost of maintenance and repair.  All of this will increase the costs of the company and the prices that they have to charge the clients when they move them to a new home.

Currently 10 states have chosen to raise the cost of this tax independently due to the state of the roads. The crisis in the condition of the roads is bad, and many other states are considering raising the Federal Gas Tax to cover the rising costs of road repairs.

Therefore, it is important to understand any implication a reduction in the Federal Gas Tax will have on the road structure across America.