How to Pack a Flat Screen LCD TV / Television for moving


Professionally Packing a Flat Screen Television

The absolute best way to transport an LCD TV is The original box
1. Remove any power cords attached to the television
2. Remove the base of the television by unscrewing it and lifting up (it is suggested that you use two people for this project)
3. Position the Styrofoam blocks on the cardboard base
4. Place the television on top of the blocks
5. Place the protective material over the screen
6. Place the top protective blocks
7. Seal the box on the television

Option 2 – Mobile Flat Panel TV case
1. Unhinge the latches on top
2. Remove protective foam
3. Place the front of the TV toward the front of the panel
4. Use the foam inserts to secure the TV
5. Close the case and twist the locks

Option 3 – Cardboard Flat Panel TV Kit
1. Remove materials inside the box
2. Place the foldable card board on the ground
3. Construct the cardboard sides into an L shape
4. Place the TV on the foam panels in an upright position
5. Pull the foldable card board over the L shaped sides
6. Tape Around the sides

Option 4 – SpeedPack Flat Panel TV Box
1. Pull a piece of bubble wrap from the box
2. Wrap around the television
3. Place the TV into the box around the bubble wrap
4. Use additional bubble wrap to pad the top of the box

Option 5 – Custom Wooden TV Crate
1. Record TV measurements
2. Build the crate from measurements using cardboard, slate or wood
3. Place bubble wrap over the TV
4. Place the TV inside of the crate
5. Use your chosen material panel and place it over the crate
6. Secure the crate with screws