Expand Your Moving Business by Moving Awkward Cargo

Expand Your Moving Business by Moving Awkward Cargo

To move just furniture and a few boxes is a relatively simple task, but unfortunately there are always those awkward pieces that the customer will ask you to move. There are all kinds of bizarre and difficult items that need to be transported, so the only solution is to figure out how to get it from point A to point B in one piece. From the frequency of car transport to moving an oversized statue, there’s a large market for unusual hauls. If you can learn the methods and teach your team how to move awkward cargo, there’s some great money to be made. You can then market yourself as a one-stop shop for moving services.

Right now, the A&E reality series Shipping Wars is giving laymen an idea of what goes on in the life of an independent shipping contractor. These folks are trying to outbid each other for shipping jobs through the logistics company Uship. With the popularity of this show at a rise, it can be a prime way of investing some of what you can learn from them.

As a professional mover there are a couple of options for you when it comes to moving awkward items. You should never say no to business, unless it loses you money. Therefore, you should start out by advertising that you can move non-standard cargo to generate business. When a customer approaches you about an item, gauge whether or not you have equipment and manpower to take on the job. If not, consider outsourcing an independent shipper by temporarily hiring one under the umbrella of your company. Once you’ve developed a few relationships of this kind you’ll know just who to go to for those extra tough jobs.

Eventually you may want to outfit your business with a permanent branch for car, boat, oversized loads and so forth. You want to make sure that you can offer proof of the right level of insurance and Department of Transportation Authorization if you’re moving a boat. Marketing yourself for this kind of extra-curricular moving jobs on top of your regular moving capabilities can help boost your business and add to your credibility. Sure, there’s a certain amount of risk to it, but isn’t that what business is all about?

Logan is a guest post blogger who writes about the wide world of transport.