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AB 2118 One Year Later… How it is Helping

One year ago, rogue moving companies found themselves face to face with a new law that was passed that threatened to put an end to their unlawful and selfish forms of “moving.” The particular companies, offered unbeatable low moving prices and in turn held your belongings in exchange for even more money before delivery. This new law that was passed, AB 2118, changed that entirely, bringing hope to legitimate moving companies and offering help to consumers. Here we look at how things have changed.

How agents can spark new business

So, you own ‘Joe Blow Moving Company’, you provide the best moving services in the city, but it’s difficult for you to make ends meet. If your better, and you know it, why is this happening? Although there may be many different factors that come into play when trying to make ends meet, one of the issues is that your company is just simply not as established as your competition.

Atlas Van Lines Study of Inbounds and Outbounds

Atlas Van Lines Study of Inbounds and Outbounds One of North America’s leading moving companies, Atlas Van Lines, continues to climb the rank as the number of 2011 YTD moves continued to grow. A trend and pattern study , formulated by Atlas in 1993 to track interstate moving, found that South Western and Mid-Atlantic states […]

Local Moving vs. Long Distance Moving

There is a huge mindset difference between the two types of moving companies, as well a slight difference in resources. Local Moving focuses on quick turn around times. You utilize your resources for shorter bursts of time and more frequently. You typically will use straight box trucks for the ease of residential travel, and standard […]

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