Google Destroys Yellow Pages

How Google Devoured Yellow Pages

A lot of controversy over what is more viable has been made with Google vs. Yellow Pages. Each company will try their hardest to make sure that their company is more useful than the next, but which one is truly more effective?
Recent studies have been conducted by Melbourne SEO services, where random people from the streets were filmed and asked questions about which they prefer, Google or Yellow Pages.

Other questions were asked too, such as –

How do you search for products?
Which search engine do you use the most?
How often do you use Google?

An overwhelming amount of people, %100, say that they use Google every day, while 53.85% say that they have not used Yellow Pages in the last year.
Only time will tell if Yellow Pages can bounce back in some way, shape or form. But for now, the staggering numbers prove that Yellow Pages is being devoured by Google.