Using Guerilla Marketing for your business

Using Guerilla Marketing for your business

You know when you are walking down the street and all of the sudden you see a very odd but interesting advertisement and it immediately grabs your attention? That is you getting bombed with guerilla marketing.

Guerilla marketing consists of unconventional advertising, used to pursue conventional goals. It is a cost-effective means of marketing that requires more time, energy, and imagination than it does money.  Guerilla marketing places atypical advertisements in unexpected places to create a unique and engaging concept that stimulates a large buzz around the product or idea, ultimately going viral.

Guerilla marketing is the most effective low cost marketing strategy available. Any business, whether large or small, can bombard its consumers with guerilla marketing to stimulate intrigue. There are simple ways to use guerilla marketing to generate buzz around your moving company in your area.

First, determine your target market. Is it adults or college students? Is it local or statewide?  Your target market is important so you can figure out what attracts your customers to set up designs in specific places that will get their attention.

If you are going to use guerilla marketing, you need to be confident in your brand.  You should not feel shy with your sales message or company mission so that you are able to put your guerilla marketing in any place.

Don’t be afraid to invest in guerilla marketing. Invest heavily in technology, your staff, and yourself to expand your company’s horizons so that you have the advantage over competition.

Now, to get your creative juices rolling, here are some ideas to start your guerilla marketing campaign.

Direct mail. Direct mail gets 70% of your orders, but your customers will never get to the brochure on the inside if they do not have a compelling envelope. Personalizing the envelopes with stamps and hand-written addresses. Make it exciting and about your company.

Make your company visible. Millions of people are talking online or searching online every day. It is important to get your message to people who could be your customers. They won’t know who you are if you don’t show them. Try to do one thing every day to increase visibility, whether it be to send out an e-mail, post on a moving discussion group, send out a publicity release, or write an article on a moving forum. The more a potential customer sees your company’s name, the more likely they are to choose you.

Use sticky notes. People know what sticky notes are for: notes. You can place them anywhere: on small business doors, apartment complexes, dorms, in a neighborhood. Your potential customers will take notice of these notes.

Door hangers work like a charm.  Print out door hangers that are brochure-like or tell them to visit your website for a special offer.  You can hang these in all of the different places that sticky notes can be used and you will get the attention of everyone in your market.

Use business cards untraditionally. Yeah, everyone has business cards but what if you used them in a whole new way? You could go to your local library and put a business card in every book that is related to moving and storage.  It is great targeted marketing and very cost effective.

Bumper stickers can go anywhere, not just your car. You can put them on telephone poles, in bathroom stalls, on cars, on windows, etc. This will get your company’s name out there quickly and easily.

There are countless ways to use guerilla marketing tactics to get your audience’s attention.  Be creative and soon your sales will be skyrocketing.