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New Company: No Time, Money or Marketing?

New Company: No Time, Money or Marketing?

Small business owners or SBOs comprise of a wide range of people with more participation from women, the young and immigrants. The diversity is higher in the case of SBOs as compared to large corporations. However, most of them have medium level of marketing and technological knowledge. According to a recent survey by Constant Contact, the efforts made for attracting new customers keeps a small moving company working for longer hours.

Small companies focus on getting the most out of their marketing dollars. Direct mail and digital promotion form a major part of the promotional budget of these firms. According to a survey conducted on SMBs, it was found that they spend around 29% of their promotional budget on digital media.

Another survey company went deeper and found that online advertising solutions for moving companies focused more on banner ads and Facebook. Because most of the small moving companies have more knowledge about the digital media, the channels they choose reflect on their own comfort levels as compared to planning out a methodical system for generating ROI.

Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise that many of them depend on email for promotion. According to a survey conducted by Ad-ology Research in November 2012, it was found that almost 27% of the participants spend most of their advertising budget on email. This was much more than what they spend on any other digital media. The survey further found that 70% of small businesses had a website.

According to Constant Contact, social media has become one of the most cost-effective solutions for moving companies. However, there is a misconception that promotion on social media is free. The fact is that it requires spending time, energy and money. When it comes to the marketers, it is important for them to understand that small businesses don’t have budget lines for their marketing efforts. They get the money out of their pocket, which his not large in size. They need to offer promotional solutions to SBOs, which must be effective for their particular business.