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How the iPad Mini becomes the Ideal Option for Movers and Estimators

How the iPad Mini becomes the Ideal Option for Movers and Estimators

The moving industry saw a lot of opportunities when Apple came out with their iPad Mini last year. Movers are increasingly using tablets for replacing the most commonly performed jobs like creation of packing inventory and performing pre-moving surveys. App developers are often asked for the tablet that can help both the foreman and the internal estimator. However, the choice of the tablet varies based on the type of needs, which differ from one company to another. However, that was before the iPad Mini was launched.

The iPad Mini is the perfect size and design for meeting the demands of both movers and estimators and it can be used by a wide range of moving companies. There is no longer any need to perform on site estimation using pen and paper.

Relatively, smart phones may have large screens, fast data processing and are easy to fit into the palm. However, they don’t offer the ideal interface for faster and efficient data entry. In addition, the display is not just sufficient for viewing and seeing the results.

Then, there are full-fledged tablets, which are heavy to sit easily on the wrist, which is a difficult thing for movers and estimators who are always mobile. However, the iPad Mini beats all these shortcomings of other tablets and smart phones. It can easily fit on the palm and yet offer the data entry, display and processing capabilities of a computer.