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Deluxe Moving Pad Helps Move Precious Items with Ease (and Durability)

Brand new moving pads have recently been developed and released in to the moving industry market, and they may change the way we look at traditional moving pads, by means of being economically sound as well as ecologically friendly! LookChina, Inc. recently released their new Standard Moving Pad, “Deluxe Pad”, which is featured in the standard 72”x80” sizing, and weighs about 82lbs. per dozen (about 7lbs. each).

The pad itself is made up of recycled textile waste, and its interior is incredibly soft, making it the perfect pad for moving special items (such as art, antiques, and fine furniture) with the utmost care and ease. In comparison to it’s counter-parts, the new Deluxe Pad is free of color bleeds. Many moving pads colors may rub off on furniture upholstery as they are not required to pass a colorfast test. The Deluxe Pad is also free of imprints, as traditional pads may also leave indentations on furniture and soft wood, due to being tying-down and stacking pressure. Finally, many standard pads have a rough texture, which is more than capable of damaging furniture and other household goods by rubbing rough marks on the surfaces, the Deluxe Pad a great deal softer, providing for extra protection.

The interior of the Deluxe Pad is free of dyes, and is also non-woven, which virtually eliminates color-bleeds as well as rubbing and indentations. The Deluxe Pad is also made of cotton-ply woven cloth, which gives it a much longer lifespan in terms of usage. Standard Moving Pads are sold to both domestic and international moving companies. The company is warehoused in the United States in Charlotte, North Carolina, and moving pads are ready to be shipped upon request, worldwide and year-round. Free sample swatches are additionally available upon request, simply the company via e-mail at: